Student Life



OPS has partnered with regional and national level scouting teams and Pakistan Boy Scouts association to provide OPSians an opportunity to learn the skill sets and survival techniques delivered by learned scholars and experienced teachers from all over the country. Scouting is a practice forgotten by most academies but OPS still pertains its traditional learning seat and provides the youngsters the best opportunity to compete at national and international level.

We organized the Quaid-e-Azam Batch for first time in the history of any private school in Mardan. After that OPS continuously participated in scouting camps throughout the country. Every year a team of selected scouts is sent to Abbottabad, Takia Scouts camp to help them analyze the scouting world and gather the best experiences around. Keeping their values and traditions intact, OPSians never achieved less than 100 percent and throughout the years continuously named the honor flag after themselves which is given to the best team in a scouting camp and is competed for by the best private and government schools throughout the country.



House System:

The primary aim of the housing system is to enhance the co-curricular activities of the students. Five houses are working under the supervision of a House Master & Deputy House Master. The names of these houses are alphabetically given as under:



Apart from routine way of imparting scientific and other relevant knowledge in classroom, OPS management also makes every endeavor to provide practical knowledge to its students. This applied form of knowledge is scattered across the country in the form of historical, archaeological, geographical, industrial and technological, sites as well as in the form of educational and research institutes. Guided tours of students are arranged annually to different cities where students are provided an opportunity to see the knowledge in action.


Recreation Day:


“Recreation Day”, as the very name revels, is a specific day assigned to provide fun and healthy entertainment to OPSians and is observed on scheduled days, indicated in the OPS schedule of activities, once in a month. On this day, the student performers render and participate in various role plays, skits, jokes, quiz competitions, National Songs or poetry and other aspects of performing art. In this way, by giving vent to their creative feelings, they not only provide entertainment to colleagues but also learn to overcome their shyness, stage fear and worries due to gathering. To encourage a healthy competition among the Houses, the best House with is awarded in an impressive and graceful ceremony at Annual Day.


Internal Sports:

Each House In-charge Prepares the following teams of his house. The players for each team are selected purely on merit and keeping in view the skill, interest and aptitude of the students.

BADMINTON               CRICKET                           HOCKEY
VOLLEY BALL             FOOTBALL                       ATHLETICS

External Sports:

i). Games In-charge is responsible in preparing OPS teams to participate in the sports events/tournament  held on  inter college/district/divisional/provincial level etc.

ii). To keep the players fit and alert for a particular event, he is responsible to arrange “Coaching camps”   in the campus and make every endeavor to eliminate the lapses found in the players and to further   boost their playing capabilities, morale and skills in the particular game.


Annual Speech Competition:

OPS  Mardan has always been striving to improve the mental capabilities of its students. With this in view, OPS Mardan holds Inter Houses Speech Competition annually to make the students avoid undue shyness and reluctance and to develop their confidence. Annual Speech Competition is a regular part of Annual Schedule.

Policy for Speech Competition:

1). The speaker may choose from a variety of topic.

2). Time duration is three minutes.

3). Each Student shall compulsorily participate in the competition.

4). There is section-wise speech competition as per the given schedule.

5). Each speaker expresses his view section is selected for Final Speech Competition.

6). The best speaker in each section is selected for Final Speech Competition.

7). The winners of the Final Competition are awarded with shields and Certificates on Annual Day.